Ozark Regional Transit

Public Transportation for Northwest Arkansas

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How to read the Bus Schedule

  • Schedules tell you what bus you need and the time it will arrive.
  • Schedules are read from left to right.
  • Find your location on the map and make sure you know what direction you are going when you read the schedule.
  • Not all bus stops are listed on the schedule. The bus stops listed are called timepoints. Your bus stop may be between timepoints.
  • Find the timepoint closest to your starting point. Estimate the time it will take the bus to travel from that timepoint to your starting point. Be at your stop at least five minutes before that time.
  • Go down the column underneath the timepoint to find the time closest to when you want to catch the bus.
  • If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, look on the schedule and find the timepoint closest to where you are going and what time the bus will arrrive there. Work your way back to where you will begin your trip to find out what time you will need to get on the bus.
  • If you need to transfer to another bus, look up the schedule of the route you will use next.
  • If you need help planning your trip, call Ozark Regional Transit at 479-756-5901 ext. 2.

Click here to find where your bus is located.

Click on the map to find where your bus is currently located.


RouteShout gives riders the ability to find exactly when the bus will arrive - instantly and conveniently from your smartphone or the Internet.  Having this information at your fingertips allow you to plan your trips and stay abreast of schedule changes or service disruptions.  RouteShout is available for free in the app store or able to be viewed online at http://m.RouteShout.com