Ozark Regional Transit operates incidental charter services in compliance with federal regulations set out in 49 CFR Part 604.

Scope of Services

  1. Service will only be provided in Benton, Carroll, Madison, and Washington Counties.
  2. Service will begin and end at our facility at 2423 E Robinson Ave.
  3. Ozark Regional Transit will make transit available in cases where will and able providers need additional capacity to perform a given charter trip.
  4. Providing charter service will not impact day to day bus service to the general public either by equipment needs or manpower requirements.
  5. ORT will charge a rate per hour for charter service which insures complete recovery of costs associated with providing the service.

Determining "willing & able" Private Operators

  1. Each time ORT receives a request for charter service interested in performing, ORT will notify private operators located in our geographic service area. The list registered charter providers is located by accessing the FTA Charter Registration website and following the instructions.
  2. Ozark Regional Transit will notify private operators via email or fax of any request for charter service ORT desires to perform.
  3. if no "willing & able" charter providers respond to the notice in the time allotted under the current regulations, ORT shall provide charter service when equipment and manpower are available.
  4. ORT will not provide any charter service using equipment and facilities funded under the acts to the extent there is at least one willing and able private charter operator who express an interest in performing the service.
  5. All charter service in which ORT provides will be documented and recorded both the internally as well as utilizing the FTA's TEAM online reporting website.

Ozark Regional Transit Charter Service Policy 


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