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Ozark Regional Transit No Show Policy

How do I cancel my trips? 

When customers no longer need trips they have scheduled, whether demand or subscription service, they must call (479)756-5901 to cancel. Customers should make every effort to cancel trips no later than 4:30 p.m. the day before the scheduled trip.


What is a No-Show?

A no-show occurs when a passenger fails to board the ORT vehicle within five minutes after it arrives within the pick-up window. When customers no-show, they are responsible for canceling any other trips scheduled for the day if they no longer wish to travel.


What is a late cancellation?

A late cancellation is a trip that is not cancelled at least two hours before the scheduled pick-up time. This includes trips cancelled at the door.


What are the penalties for no-shows and late cancellations?

Customers who no-show/late cancel 15% of their scheduled trips within a 30-day look-back period may be subject to service suspension.

For instance:

  • A customer who schedules 20 trips a month and no-shows/late cancels three, or 15%, of those trips would be suspended.
  • Someone who schedules 40 trips in a month and no-shows/late cancels six, or 15%, of those trips would be suspended.

Customers who establish a pattern or practice of no-shows and/or late cancellations in 12 month look-back period will receive:

  • First violation - Written warning
  • Second violation - 14-day (2-week) suspension
  • Subsequent violations - 28-day (4-week) suspension              

Customers who believe one of more of their violations were charged in error may appeal in writing in a timely manner either by completing the form and returning it via mail to:

Appeal Process
2423 E Robinson Ave
Springdale, AR 72764

The appeal must include details regarding why the customer believes the violation was charged in error.
Ozark Regional Transit will consider the information provided with the appeal, make a determination, and mail a determination within seven calendar days after the request for appeal has been received.
If all or part of the appeal is denied, the customer will have a right to request an in-person hearing to appeal the determination made by ORT. Customers making appeals in person will each have up to 15 minutes to present oral and/or written arguments concerning the no-show(s) and/or late cancellations(s) they believe were charged in error and not removed by ORT during the initial appeal. The appeal will be heard by someone who was not involved in the initial decision, and the decision of the hearing officer will be handed down in writing. The decision will be final and no further appeals will be accepted by ORT.
Should a customer be temporarily suspended from the ORT Program, it will be necessary for the customer to request subscription trips be reinstated at the end of the suspension period. Subscriptions are suspended when service is suspended.

Can I avoid being suspended?

Customers can avoid a pending suspension by exercising a "buy-back" option. For all proposed suspensions, the customer will receive a detailed list of violations. Customers may remove violations by paying the cost of an average ORT trip. The cost to buy back one violation is $25.00. Customers can buy back only six individual no-shows and/or late cancellations in a 12 month look-back period.

Customers choosing to exercise the buy-back option should send a cashier's check or money order (personal checks will not be accepted) to:

Buy Back Program
2423 E Robinson Ave
Springdale, AR 72764

Or hand deliver to the Ozark Regional Transit offices, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office Hours
Monday - Friday:
8AM - 5PM
(479) 756 - 5901
(479) 756 - 2901
Administration Office
2423 E Robinson Ave
Springdale, AR 72764