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Charters Guide

Revised May 1, 2008

Due to changes in Federal Regulations concerning public transit agencies performing service which qualifies as “charter”, Ozark Regional Transit has amended our policies/procedures in order to be in full compliance.


  • Charter Service: Transportation provided at the request of a third party for the exclusive use of a vehicle for a negotiated price.

    • 3rd party pays the transit provider a negotiated price for the group.

    • Fares charged to individual members of the group are collected by a 3rd party.

    • Service is not part of ORT’s regularly scheduled service, or is offered for a limited time.

    • 3rd party determines the origin & destination of the trip as well as scheduling.

    • Public events or functions occurring on an irregular basis or for a limited durations.

    • Premium fare is charged greater than the usual fixed route fare.

    • The service is paid for in whole or part by a 3rd party.

  • Exclusive: service that a reasonable person would conclude is intended to exclude members of the public.

  • Program Purposes: transportation that serves the needs of either human service agencies, or targeted populations (elderly, disabled, and/or low income); this does not include exclusive service for other groups formed for purposes unrelated to the special needs of the targeted population identified.

  • Qualified human service organization: org. that serves persons who qualify for human service or transportation related programs or services due to disability, income, or advanced age.

Scope of Services

Ozark Regional Transit operates incidental charter services in compliance with federal regulations set out in 49 CFR Part 604.

  • Services will only be provided in Benton, Carroll, Madison, and Washington Counties.

  • Service will begin and end at our facility at 2423 E Robinson Ave.

  • Ozark Regional Transit will make transit available in cases where will and able providers need additional capacity to perform a given charter trip.

  • Providing charter service will not impact day to day bus service to the general public either by equipment needs or manpower requirements.

  • ORT will charge a rate per hour for charter service which insures complete recovery of costs associated with providing the service.

Ozark Regional Transit, in accordance with the provisions of 49 CFR, Part 604, will periodically provide transit bus charters of short duration within the Ozark Regional Transit area of service (Benton, Carroll, Madison and Washington Counties).


Most charters consist of non-profit agencies, governmental, local business, social functions and are restricted to within our service area as described above. Charter times are open and include day and night time charters, seven days a week. Charters often require accessible buses to accommodate wheelchair passengers.


Ozark Regional Transit conducts these charters utilizing its fleet of Gillig Phantoms and “cutaway” buses. All vehicles are ADA accessible and wheelchair lift equipped.

Determining "willing & able" Private Operator

Information important for those requesting Charter Bus services:

  • Each time ORT receives a request for charter service interested in performing, ORT will notify private operators located in our geographic service area. The list registered charter providers is located by accessing the FTA Charter Registration website and following the instructions.

  • Ozark Regional Transit will notify private operators via email or fax of any request for charter service ORT desires to perform.

  • If no "willing & able" charter providers respond to the notice in the time allotted under the current regulations, ORT shall provide charter service when equipment and manpower are available.

  • ORT will not provide any charter service using equipment and facilities funded under the acts to the extent there is at least one willing and able private charter operator who express an interest in performing the service.

  • All charter service in which ORT provides will be documented and recorded both the internally as well as utilizing the FTA's TEAM online reporting website.

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