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Rider's Guide

Whether you are visiting Northwest Arkansas for the first time or making lifestyle changes to your daily routine, use this guide to get started on your car-free trips around the area

How to Ride

$0.00 Fixed routes run Monday - Friday
$1.25 On-Demand transit runs Monday - Saturday
Please download our FREE "ORT On-Demand" app for service maps and trip planning. 


HOW TO RIDE Our Fixed Routes

  1. Be at your stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.

  2. Look for signs on the route that mark all of our bus stops.

  3. Watch for your bus. When you see it, look at the driver and raise your hand. Place yourself safely out of traffic where the bus driver can see you.

  4. On our buses that have two doors, please board the bus from the front door, and exit the back door.

  5. Let the driver know you want to get off the bus one block ahead of your stop. You an do this by verbally announcing your stop to the driver or pulling the cord next to the window

  6. If you need to transfer from one route to another, ask the driver for the transfer when you board the bus. Make sure to give your transfer pass to the driver on your next bus.

  7. After leaving the bus, wait until the bus has left the stop before crossing the street. Do not attempt to cross in front of the bus.


These rules are in place as our promise to keep you safe! Click here for complete Passenger Behavior Policy

Our schedules tell you what bus you need and the time it will arrive, they are read from right to left. You can find your location on the map and make sure you know what direction you are going when you read the schedule. Not all bus stops are listed on the schedule. The bus stops listed are called timepoints. Your bus stop may be between time points. You must find the timepoint closest to your starting point. Be at your stop at least five minutes before that time. Go down the column underneath the timepoint to find the time closest to when you want to catch the bus.

If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, look on the schedule and find the timepoint closet to where you are going and what time the bus will arrive there. Work your way back to where you will begin your trip to find out what time you will need to get on the bus. If you need to transfer to another bus, look up the schedule of the route you will use next.

  • If you need help planning your trip, Call Ozark Regional Transit at (479) 756-5901 ext. 2.

How to Read the Bus Schedule

Ozark Regional Transit now offers free wi-fi in our Fixed Route buses. Each vehicle will have a sign posted near the front of the bus with the wi-fi name and password. We encourage you to take advantage of our wi-fi for general web browsing, email, and social media. Unfortunately we do not support high-bandwidth actions such as streaming video/music or downloading large files.

Enjoy your ride with ORT's Free Wi-Fi!

In-Transit Services

Bike Racks

Para instrucciones en Español

Riders Guide: Marshallese

All ORT Buses are equipped with bike racks and are currently carrying over 22 bicycle passengers daily.


How to use the bike rack:


  1. Remove all loose items from the bike. If the bike rack is empty, squeeze handle to release latch and fold down the rack. It weighs less than 30 pounds and is easy to raise and lower.

  2. Only load your bike from the curb side or in front of the bus.

  3. Lift your bike into the available wheel slot. If your bike is the only one, please use the slot farthest from the bus.

  4. Raise and secure the support arm over the front tire of your bike. Note that the support arm must be positioned so the hook rests on the highest point on the tire. If you wish, you can then secure your bike with your personal lock

  5. You may then board the bus and pay your fare. (There is no additional cost for a bicycle). Inform the driver you will be unloading your bike when you signal for your stop. Lower the support arm, lift your bike out and fold up the rack if it is empty and step away from the bus with your bike.

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