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Flexible Commuting: Combine On-Demand and Fixed Routes

We understand that sometimes on-demand services might have limited availability. To provide a solution that ensures you get to your destination, we've integrated a flexible approach.


When you need a ride, start by booking an on-demand bus through our app. This service offers personalized pickups and drop-offs, optimizing your route for efficiency and convenience. However, we acknowledge that on-demand buses might not always be immediately available due to demand or other factors.

Shorter Ride to a Fixed Route Stop

In instances where an on-demand bus isn't available within a desired timeframe, get a little creative with your destination. Maybe book a shorter ride to the nearest fixed route bus stop. This way, you can seamlessly transition to our conventional fixed-route buses, expanding your options and ensuring you can reach your destination.

teen girl sitting on a public transit bus looking out the window wearing headphones.

Close On-Demand Pick-Up/Drop-Off Zones

To enhance the effectiveness of this hybrid system, we've established close on-demand pick-up and drop-off zones near fixed-route bus stops. This strategic placement minimizes the additional time required for the transition between on-demand and fixed-route services. It's a thoughtful integration aimed at optimizing your commute and maintaining the efficiency of your journey.

Seamless Integration

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate on-demand and fixed-route services, offering you a comprehensive transit solution. Whether you prefer the personalized convenience of on-demand or the reliability of fixed routes, our system is designed to adapt to your commuting preferences.

Experience the Best of Both Worlds

With our integrated approach, you have the flexibility to enjoy the personalized convenience of on-demand services while having a reliable fixed-route backup when needed. Your commute is in your hands, providing you with a stress-free and adaptable transportation experience.

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