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NEW ADA Van Wrap Reveal: Designed by Local Fayetteville Artist!

Our mission for this community project was to help our ADA riders feel excited and proud when they ordered their ride. Our community artist embraced this idea of inclusion and freedom through transit and brought NWA culture to their designs. 

Shoutout to each and every artist who contributed their time, creativity, and talent to the Americans with Disabilities Act van artwork project. Your submissions showcased a remarkable array of artistic styles, perspectives, and visions, reflecting the diversity and vibrancy of our community. We were truly inspired by your dedication to making a positive impact through art, and your participation has enriched this project in countless ways. While we couldn't select every submission, please know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you for sharing your art with us and for helping to create a more inclusive and uplifting experience for all riders of our public transit system.

Meet your winning artist Dandy Pants Art! Their art will be showcased on our three NEW ADA vans.

Thank you!


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