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7 Bus Etiquette Tips

It’s no secret that public transportation in Northwest Arkansas is often the best, most affordable way to get around town. Whether you live on campus in Fayetteville, work in Rogers, or need to get your kids to daycare in Bentonville, taking the bus can save you time and money! But it’s also important to keep in mind bus etiquette when using public transportation services, like ORT. Here are 7 public transit etiquette tips to keep in mind next time you ride with ORT.

1) Allow Passengers to Exit First

One of the most important things to remember when riding on public transportation is to allow passengers to exit the bus first before boarding. This can be a courtesy to those who are getting off as well as help keep the flow of traffic moving. If you're not sure if someone is getting off or not, just wait and let them go first. Chances are, they appreciate it.

2) Keep Strong Perfume or Food Odors Off the Bus

When you ride the bus, you’re sharing close quarters with other people. That means it’s important to be mindful of strong odors that could bother your fellow riders. So, if you’re wearing strong perfume or cologne, try to go light on the scent. And if you’re eating food on the bus, be sure to dispose of any garbage properly. Let’s all do our part to keep the bus clean and comfortable for everyone!

3) Be Mindful of Noise Levels

It can be easy to forget that not everyone on the bus wants to listen to your conversation or music. Be mindful of the noise level you and those around you are keeping. If you’re playing music, use headphones so that only you can hear it. And try to keep your voice down when talking with others.

4) Packed bus? Keep Your Belongings on Your Lap

If you find yourself on a packed bus, be considerate of your fellow passengers and keep your belongings on your lap. Not only will this free up space for others, but it will also prevent your belongings from accidentally hitting or bothering someone else.

5) Keep Your Feet Off The Seats

The next time you ride with Ozark Regional Transit (ORT), remember to keep your feet off the seats! It may seem like a small thing, but it can make a big difference for the person sitting behind you. Plus, it's just good manners.

6) Give up Your Seat to Someone Who Needs it More

It's common courtesy to give up your seat on public transit to someone who needs it more than you. This might be an elderly person, a pregnant woman, or someone with a disability. If you're able-bodied and healthy, and there's someone who looks like they need a seat more than you do, offer it up!

7) Thank Your Bus Driver

Buses provide an important service by getting people where they need to go, and bus drivers are the ones who make it happen. So, the next time you ride with Ozark Regional Transit (ORT), be sure to thank your bus driver. A simple thank you can go a long way.

Ozark Regional Transit provides safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation to both the rural and urban residents of the four-county area within our jurisdiction. Take a look at our current, available bus routes here. If you’d like to learn more about ORT, contact us by calling 479-756-5901 or visiting our website today. Have you heard about ORT’s On-Demand Transit? Download the app today on the apple or google play stores!


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