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Area (route) 51 in Rogers Fixed Route Coming Soon!

Welcome aboard Route 51, Rogers, are you ready for your fixed route adventure?! Area 51…oops Route 51 bus route will take you on a journey through the heart of Rogers. Prepare to embark on an intergalactic transit experience as we stop at fascinating locations like the Butterfly Garden, where exotic species (butterflies) seem to have arrived from distant planets (technically just Earth). From there, we'll make our way to stops such as Walnut & 3rd, Walnut & 13th, and even the Walmart Supercenter, because even aliens need to stock up on supplies! As we continue our cosmic tour, keep an eye out for Promenade & Walnut, Promenade at The Meridian, Rife Medical & Promenade, Rife Medical at Mercy Hospital, and our final stop, the renowned Hunt Tower. So, fasten your seat belts, Earthlings, because Route 51 will take you on a celestial journey with a touch of extraterrestrial charm!

July 3, 2023, new services in Rogers

  • Rogers will continue to have three buses running during service time Monday - Thursday. Two of the three buses will be used for Route 51 fixed route during current peak hours. They will switch back to “On-Demand” in between peak hours. While one bus will remain a constant “On-Demand” bus.

  • Friday: Two of the three buses will be used for Route 51 fixed route during current peak hours. They will switch back to “On-Demand” in between peak hours and after 6:30 one bus will resume “on-demand” transit. One of the three buses will remain a constant “On-Demand” bus. The day will end with two “on-demand” buses.

  • Route 51 will be available during Rogers peak hours: 7:00am – 9:00am and 3:00pm – 6:30pm

  • With the new fixed route addition on-demand zones have been adjusted.

  • Download the route map + schedule below. You can even download the time of each stop. FYI: To help with traffic flow. If the driver doesn’t see someone at a stop, they will pass the stop. Be out there at least 5 minutes early.

Bus stop locations (both sides of street):

· Butterfly Garden

· Walnut & 3rd

· Walnut & 13th

· Walmart Supercenter

· Promenade & Walnut

· Promenade at The Meridian

· Rife Medical & Promenade

· Rife Medical at Mercy Hospital

· Hunt Tower

Route 51 20230703 - final map and schedule
Download PDF • 1.44MB
Route 51 - All Stops Schedule
Download PDF • 70KB

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