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Ozark Regional Transit: Safe, Clean, and Reliable buses.

Welcome to Ozark Regional Transportation, we are Northwest Arkansas’ nonprofit public transportation service dedicated to prioritizing safety, cleanliness, and reliability. Serving as a connector for the Northwest Arkansas community, we are committed to providing "Freedom Through Transportation" to our riders. But where does this journey begin? It starts before the bus even rolls out of our ORT lot. Join us as we delve into the behind-the-scenes efforts that ensure our buses are safe, clean, and ready for the road.


Pre-trip: The driver inspects their bus before they start a new shift. Whether it’s at the start of their day or midday bus shift.

Post-trip: The driver does a pos-trip after each shift. Whether the bus is about to finish for the day or midday.

Customized bus checklist

We have a digital monitoring system that tracks each bus. That digital monitoring system allows each bus to be equipped with their own pre-trip/post-trip example shown in the picture here. This isn’t a generic list; it is tailored to that bus and its life on the road. A pre-trip checklist on a big bus will look different than a pre-trip checklist on a smaller bus/van.

Drivers can take photos and write descriptions of issues they see such as: dents, missing wrap, windshield wipers, ect. Drivers also have the power to render a bus out of service if they see a safety issue. We’ll send our maintenance out to tow the bus and swap it for a new one. Safety First!


As buses come back from service our maintenance department reviews each bus pre & post trip logs to evaluate which buses can be serviced that day or which buses will need longer service times. Federal on-time service guideline is 80%, we are on-time an average of 98%. Our maintenance department goal is to get a bus serviced safely while being on time.

There are also milage inspection milestones:

  • 170-point inspection at every 5,000 miles driven

  • 170-point + inspection at every 15,000 miles driven

  • 170-point ++ inspection at every 30,000 miles driven (ex. every fluid is drained and refilled)

Our maintenance department works diligently to keep our fleet in top condition, ensuring that our buses are serviced safely while remaining punctual. If there is an emergency while a bus is in-service on the road. Our maintenance team will be on-site to either tow the bus back to our shop or fix the issue in a safe and timely manner.


Cleanliness is a top priority for us. Our drivers and maintenance departments do their very best to keep your buses looking good because just like us; when you look good you feel good.

Lite cleaning: After each shift a driver sweeps their bus and will pick up any trash left behind by passengers. If a passenger left a jacket or bag, the driver would turn any items in to dispatch. If you believe you forgot something on our bus, please call 479-756-5901 press 3 for Dispatch. They’ll coordinate a pickup time. Our drivers will not be able to meet you with an item.

Regular cleaning: As a bus returns to our lot for the end of a shift our maintenance department will begin its regular cleaning process.

  • Washing exterior

  • Moping interior

  • Removing trash

  • Disinfecting surfaces

    • Handrails

    • Seats

    • Widows ect..

  • Shampooing dingy seats

Hazard spill cleaning: Each bus is equipped with “spill kits” these absorb any bodily fluids and have contamination bags. If there is an incident on a bus, they’ll contain the fluid and bring the bus back to our facility for decontamination. We have hazmat suits and we’ve had to use them in the past.


Cleanliness is a cornerstone of our commitment to providing a safe and comfortable transportation experience for our passengers. From lite cleaning after each shift to regular deep cleaning processes conducted by our maintenance department, we ensure that our buses are kept in pristine condition. Our training to clean hazardous spills, equipped with spill kits and hazmat suits, underscores our dedication to always maintaining a sanitary environment. Rest assured, our team is always ready to tackle any cleaning challenge with efficiency and professionalism, ensuring that every ride with Ozark Regional Transportation is a pleasant one.

While we've highlighted just a few aspects of our maintenance procedures, we hope this insight instills confidence in our riders and showcases the dedication of our maintenance department in serving the transportation needs of our community. Ride with us and experience the difference firsthand!


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