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Hey, Bentonville!

Effective Monday, January 9, Ozark Regional Transit will expand its On-Demand Transit (ODT) service in Bentonville with the addition of a new ODT van. The van will operate Monday through Friday during peak hours, for a total of 7 hours per day.

With the inclusion of this additional van, there will be a total of 3 ODT vans available for service throughout most of the week. The expansion is expected to both reduce the time it takes to book a ride and to complete a ride, thanks to the increased availability and seamless integration with the rest of the ODT assets in Bentonville.


ORT has two Fixed and one On-Demand Transit (ODT) Routes in Fayetteville, three Fixed in Springdale, three ODT routes in Bentonville and two ODT routes in Rogers. Additionally, ORT offers an express bus service between Fayetteville and Bentonville, which is very popular with NWACC students.

Curb-to-curb service is offered in all four cities with Fixed-Route or ODT Service and — to a more limited extent — in rural areas and smaller cities in Washington, Benton and Carroll counties, Monday through Friday (also on Saturday in Bentonville and Rogers).

All ORT vehicles are wheelchair accessible, and all Fixed Route and ODT buses are bicycle friendly.

Information on curb-to-curb Service, Fixed-Route transit and ODT can be obtained by calling ORT at (479) 756-5901 or visit ORT’s website:

For more information on this subject, call Jeff Hatley at 479-365-2161.


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