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ORT Arts, Culture, and Transit Impact Newsletter

Welcome aboard to our Arts, Culture, and Transit Newsletter! This edition bridges the vibrant worlds of art, transit, and community in Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Discover how our public transit system transforms daily commutes into cultural experiences by partnering with local artists and organizations. From showcasing community-inspired art onboard to engaging riders with educational initiatives, join us as we explore the powerful connections between art, transit, and the thriving communities we serve.

Ride with us today!

Ozark Regional Transit provides safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation to both the rural and urban residents of the four-county area within our jurisdiction. Take a look at our current, available bus routes here. If you’d like to learn more about ORT, contact us by calling 479-756-5901 or visiting our website today. Have you heard about ORT’s On-Demand Transit? Download the app today on the apple or google play stores!


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